7 Valuable Lessons On Parenting

You’re never really conscious of the endless stream of information on parenting out there until you start raising your first child. Only then do you become aware of the information overload.

Even armed with a doctorate in education, I still question whether my partner and I are educating our kids as we should: I catch myself praising them then wonder about the harm I may be doing. I sometimes help them out even when I know they can do those things by themselves. And even though I know better, I still stress about not doing more.

Over the years, we’ve collected pieces of valuable advice about parenting and education that have defined how we raise our kids. Below are some of the best pieces of advice we’ve ever received.

  1. Trust yourself


  2. Be a role model
imitate-1imitate-2imitate-33. Be authentic
authentic4. Be present
present5. Be prepared
be-prepared6. Give them wings
give-them-wings-1give-them-wings-2give-them-wings-3give-them-wings-47. Have great expectations

great-expectations-2great-expectations-3great-expectationstalk-to-childrenLeave me your favourite quotes in the comments below!

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