Description – Anger and Anxiety Toolkit


Anger and anxiety are two interrelated emotions children often struggle with. Unmanaged anxiety can manifest as irritability, violence, tantrums, biting, and other behaviour patterns associated with the inability to handle emotions.

This toolkit provides 31 tools to help you teach your child to learn to identify emotions, learn to express them, then learn how to control them. In addition, the colourful picture cards presented in the resources section will provide you with a great visual aid to help younger children learn to express and manage anger and anxiety.

Length: 50 pages

What you will get:
  • 31 tools to help kids learn about anger and manage it
  • 5 worksheets
  • 8 feelings card to print out
  • 12 feelings cards to print out and fill in
  • 16 self-calming cards
The toolkit proposes:
  • Tools to learn to identify different emotions and express them in healthy ways
  • Ideas to help with anger and anxiety
  • Help kids talk about what’s bothering them
  • Find the root of the problem






Additional Resources

Additional resources available at the end of the toolkit

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