Presentation – Anger and anxiety management free email course

Did you know that most inappropriate expressions of anger are linked to children’s inability to identify their emotions and respond to those emotions in a socially acceptable manner?

Children who have learned to express anger in a negative manner will most likely resort to aggression or other negative ways when confronted with a frustrating situation.

If your kids struggle with anger and anxiety, then this free email course is for you!

This free 4-week course will give you the tools to help your child:

  • Identify different emotions in a fun way
  • Talk about what triggers his/her anger and anxiety
  • Learn how to calm-down before he/she explodes

In this e-course, you will get tools, emotions cards, worksheets and ideas to help your child with anger and anxiety.

Course outline:

Week 1: Helping your child learn to identify different emotions

Week 2: Helping your child understand what fuels his/her anger

Week 3: Calm-down strategies

Week 4: Teaching your child to use deep breathing exercises to manage anger and anxiety