Presentation – Fifteen Days to Independent Kids

No matter what you do, there is no guarantee that your kids will turn out “ok”.

You can’t tell whether or not you’ll be proud of the people they will become, whether you’re raising them right or whether you should be doing more or much less. You don’t know when you should go to war for them and when you should let them fight their own battles.

Nothing quite prepares you for parenthood. One day you’re alone, the next you’ve become an uncertain parent in an uncertain world.

No teacher, no school and no club can invest as much as you can in your kids’ wellbeing. Few can love them as much as you can, and help them grow and create harmonious relationships with the world.

Amid the uncertainty, the greatest gift you can give your kids is the gift of independence. Raising children to become independent and self-reliant is an important goal for many parents. But can independence be taught? Absolutely. This ebook will show you how. It is filled with evidence backed information on the habits that will enable you to raise independent and self-reliant kids.

What You Will Learn
  1. How to define independence in kids.
  2. The characteristics of independent and self-reliant kids.
  3. How to lay the groundwork for independence.
  4. How to foster independence depending on your kid’s age.
  5. How to differentiate between your responsibilities and your kid’s responsibilities.
  6. How to inspire your kid(s) to be independent.
  7. The common mistakes parents make and how to avoid them.
  8. The setbacks you’re likely to meet and what to do about them.
  9. How to make time for new habits without overwhelming yourself.
  10. How to make it easier to succeed.
  11. And most importantly, how to put these ideas into practice in real life.

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