The Science of Discipline Workbook

When It Comes to Disciplining Your Child, even the Best Intentions Sometimes Fail.

Sometimes they fail because:

  • You have no plan
  • You don’t know what plan you ought to use
  • You use a great plan all wrong

But you are capable of transforming your approach to discipline and establishing a positive and open family environment. All you need is a clear strategy and the appropriate tools, used appropriately, to help you to succeed.

Effective discipline starts with being intentional about:

1. Your discipline philosophy,
2. Your values and behaviour expectations
3. Your strategy to ensure that you parent in a way that reflects those values

IF YOU’RE FEELING DISCOURAGED OR FRUSTRATED WITH YOUR CHILD’S MISBEHAVIOUR, The Science of Discipline Workbook will walk you through the process to establish a mindful and effective discipline strategy.

This workbook will help you:

a) Understand the reasons behind the failure of your discipline approach
b) Identify an effective discipline plan based on your values
c) Understand and reflect on your parenting style
d) Identify the characteristics of effective discipline strategies
e) Identify the different effective discipline tools and understand how you can use them effectively

Product features
  • Over 100 pages presented in an easy-to-read manner
  • Quizzes and exercises to help you reflect on your parenting and discipline strategy
  • The workbook weaves scientific research, personal anecdotes and practical advice